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Solar Tracker Australia represents Arctech Solar in Australia

Best of two worlds

The partnership between Solar Tracker Australia and Arctech Solar ensures that you get industry leading trackers, at a competitive price with excellent support and service.

Industry leading trackers

Arctech is constantly innovating to ensure that our trackers bring you the most relevant and bankable product in the market. Some areas where we differ from our competitors include:

  • Design includes consideration of CPP wind tunnel test outputs incluing, dynamic loading, instability and aeroelasitc performance
  • Industry leading North South of 20% - allowing you to maximize GCR on tricky sites
  • Heavy duty automotive dampers - confidence of through live performance
  • LoRa technology - maximizes communication reliability while eliminating the need for repeaters
  • Three different tracker configurations plus fixed structures - we can cater for all your structure needs

World leading supplier

Arctech are the number 1 supplier of solar PV mounting structures in the world and have recently been named number 3 globally and number 3 in Australia for trackers.

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Arctech Solar produces three trackers:

  • Skysmart - 2P independent row tracker (90 modules, 7 piles)
  • Skyline - 1P independent row tracker (90 modules 11/13 piles)
  • Arctracker Pro - 400kW linked row tracker
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Service and Support

Our Australian based team is supported by Engineers in China and can offer:

  • Technical advice on tracker configuration and installation
  • Technical information on tracker design an options
  • Support in the sales process
  • After sales services and parts
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Small scale trackers

We sell retail trackers down to a single row. One row is up to 90 modules, around 30 kW.

Using trackers for small systems will maximize your $ paid per GWh produced, saving your customer more for the same installed cost.

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We have the best products in the market and we strive to provide the best customer service too. Please contact us to discuss how we can contribute to making your project a success!!