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Skysmart - 2P independant row tracker

  • Unbeatable GCR on tricky sites
  • Lowest number of piles per MW (7 piles per 90 panels)
  • Industry leading North South slope tolerance (20%)
  • Suits bifacial modules (no shading)
  • Four dampeners per tracker minimizes dynamic instability risk
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Skyline - 1P independant row tracker

  • Innovative D-shape torque tube maximizes strength and minimizes cost for supply and installation
  • No special tools required
  • Industry leading North South slope tolerance (20%)
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Arctracker Pro - Linked Row Tracker

  • “Smart redundancy” of drive gear and communications - eliminates down time
  • One AC powered actuator for 400 kW tracker – Reduces the amount of electrical equipment, minimizing capital costs and life cycle replacement costs.

Industry leading design and innovation

The whole suite of Arctech trackers give you the confidence that comes with using the highest quality equipment and leading technology. All of our trackers include:

  • Designed in cooperation with CPP wind analysis to tackle risk related to dynamic forces, dynamic instability and aeroelastic properties of the structures
  • LoRa wifi with 8 km range allowing the use of only one communication box per inverter block
  • IP 65 enclosures and corrosion resistant control board materials – Maximum durability
  • Automotive style, heavy duty dampeners – Optimal reliability and control
  • No special tools required, simplifying installation

Tackling wind risks head on

Arctech continually updates the tracker designs based on the latest industry research.

There have been several failures of our competitors trackers in the past 24 months. The commentary on the reasons for the failures such as the DNV GL Tracker Bankability Review have contributed to design updates including working with CPP the premiere wind tunnel test lab in the US to strengthen our design specifically in relation to:

  • Dynamic amplification factors
  • Aeroelastic deflection
  • Instability: torsional galloping
  • Instability: torsional lock in
  • Flutter and divergence

Our trackers have recently successfully passed due diligence processes with highly respected Australian Engineers including SMEC, WSP and Rina.

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